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With the rise of the blockchain, digital assets have also shown explosive growth. At present, there are thousands of various tokens. As the highest level of the food chain - exchanges, there are tens of thousands of large and small exchanges in the world. There are more than 250 large ones. Among the exchanges that are "becoming more attractive", how to choose a safe, stable and reliable exchange is very realistic before us. Now let me analyze a world-renowned exchange - CRYPTO198. Project Introduction CRYPTO198 is a product of CRYPTO. It uses its overwhelming core matching capabilities and market-proven mature products to create a world-class blockchain asset trading platform, creating a safe, fair, just, open, and multilingual-supported transaction for digital technology enthusiasts platform. CRYPTO198 is a platform for contract transactions and does not support fiat currency transactions. Analysis: After the September 4 incident in 2017, many exchanges in China have disappeared or emigrated overseas, but BTCBLOCK has survived because it does not support fiat currency transactions, and has grown stronger day by day. If it is not a mistake, it is really prescient. Team Overview The core team of CRYPTO198 is from Wall Street to blockchain asset transactions. The entire team has an extremely deep financial and technical background and rich experience. At the same time, the team has a history of successful entrepreneurship many times together. Analysis: Whether it is a company or a platform, a group of high-end talents must be present in order to achieve success. From the point of view of the management of CRYPTO198, there are domestic and foreign companies, many of whom have many years of industry experience, and some of them have multiple successful entrepreneurial experiences, which is commendable. In the final analysis, the competition in the industry is the competition of talents. Industry background With the rise of blockchain and digital assets, exchanges have sprung up like mushrooms after rain, but there are mixed good and bad among them, which is also an inevitable stage at the beginning of an industry. 1. Elementary level of technical architecture: The platform is a combination of simple and crude services to start operation. I don't care about the structure of the underlying source code at all. You must know that the underlying source code is the foundation for a platform. 2. Low service quality: The service is not timely enough. There are two types here. One is that the customer service feedback information is not timely, and the other is that there will be a delay when the platform handles concurrent transactions. In the transaction of digital assets, a delay of a few seconds may occur. would cause a huge gap. 3. Low security and stability: More than 300 exchanges have closed down due to hacker attacks. Exchanges are hacked almost every day but they are kept secret, which poses a great threat to users' property. 4. Lack of multilingual support: almost most exchanges only support English, while China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian regions are the most frequently traded digital assets. The high threshold of use of these exchanges has turned away many ordinary users outside. Analysis: Every industry has pain points. It may not be difficult to find out the pain points of the industry. The key is to solve the pain points of the industry. Solution CRYPTO198's trading system adopts memory matching technology, with an order processing speed of up to 1.4 million orders per second, and supports 20 million users to run stably online without delay. Adopt advanced multi-layer, multi-cluster architecture to ensure the security, stability and scalability of the platform. When it was first launched, it supported two languages, Chinese and English, and now it supports the languages of 8 countries. CRYPTO198 has many partners and has reached cooperation with many domestic and foreign mining pools and investment funds. They will transfer transactions to the CRYPTO198 platform to provide sufficient liquidity for the platform. Supporting multiple financial products, CRYPTO198 will only do spot trading at the beginning, and will add leveraged trading when the time is right. The planned steps are as follows: spot trading → leveraged trading → futures trading → anonymous real-time trading → decentralized on-chain trading The platform does not support legal tender. For more than a year, CRYPTO198 has basically been executing according to the planned route, which has ensured that it has become the leading giant of the exchange. With a global star team, proven and mature products, the entire system has been launched and operated on 30+ trading platforms. The core technology has obvious advantages and an international investment advisory team. Analysis: Find the pain point of the industry and solve it, you will naturally succeed, become the leader in the industry, and become the benchmark of the industry. Product model CRYPTO198 supports almost all browsing and login methods: WEB browser Android client IOS client H5 mobile browser PC client